Title: The Karate Way -
Discovering the spirit of practice
Publisher's site: Shambhala Productions
Amazon link: The Karate Way
Price £16.50
ISBN #: 978-1590306475
Date: 2009
Author/s Dave Lowry

The Karate Way book cover

The Karate Way – Discovering the spirit of practice

As I said previously, I came across Dave Lowry after reading ‘In the Dojo’ based upon Mat Broomfield's recommendation. The author has written for Black Belt magazine since 1986, and has trained in various styles since 1968. He states repeatedly throughout all his many publications that he is a traditionalist and his viewpoint always reflects this.

The Karate Way is Dave Lowry’s newest publication and is for once aimed purely at those studying karate. His previous works have also covered kenjutsu and iaido.

As before, the book is divided into a series of  twenty nine easily read articles, based around the long term practice of karate.  Some of the articles are technical, for example a chapter is given over to the front thrust kick. Other chapters are more spiritual, my favourite being entitled, ‘polishing emptiness’.

Throughout the book Lowry often questions current martial doctrine, pushing for a more traditional approach to training. This aside, the book is once again a treasure trove of information and insight into the Japanese perspective of karate training. I found it refreshing to read that many of the attitudes we pursue within GKR reflect very closely those held in Japan.

In summary, another outstanding collection of short articles. I highly recommend this to any fellow instructors looking for spiritual inspiration or simply some technical reference material into the Japanese way of doing things.

Review by Sensei Richard Hadley, R16 UK

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